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Hungarian Paganism

Here I go again, getting ready to give a talk, some stories and a ritual in honor to my ancestors and their Gods at MoonPath CUUPS.

I'll add my finalized ritual at the bottom.

I scoured the inter-webz in search of any discussions or articles on Hungarian pagansim, however, my 4th grade Hungarian reading level failed me mightily and there is barely anything in English. :sadface:

There is, however, A LOT on the controversy raging over our history. Specifically centered on our origins, whether the Huns came from Asian (Finno-Urgalic) decent or whether we came from Sumerian origins. I will not try to get into details on this, as other much more focused researchers have done an insanely better job of this than I could right now.  I will say that I am on the Sumerian bandwagon but realize that both theories may be correct.

Here are some links if you are interested: **I'm going to add more shortly. Promise.**

1. Dr. László Marácz, Professor of Linguistics, Amsterdam University - The Untenability of the Finno-Ugric Theory from a Linguistic Point of View.

2. All the Theories in One Place

All I will say is that the 1st hypothesis was introduced by the Communists (WWII?) based solely on some language similarities, while the second one has been around a while longer and is trying to make a comeback. It is also based on language as well as customs, traditions and stories. There is also DNA to consider.

The main problem with figuring out origins is that the Hun (the Seven Tribes of Hun - Hetmagyar) were not quite the barbarians that the Romans made them out to be. (Most of the written accounts about the Hun happen to come from Roman sources). The people they conquered usually became part of the tribes (not slaves) so the tribes have a great many different ethnicities.

Currently, there is a Festival every year called the Kurultaj (Like a Powwow of Hun Tribes). More Pictures. This has been going on since about 2010 when it was discovered that the Turkish tribe of the Madjar (Hungarians are called Magyar by the way) were a sister tribe, DNA similarity was given as proof. Pretty awesome. Article.

I particularly enjoy stories of my ancestors. The White Stag by Kate Seredy is the story of how Atilla's sons founded the Hungarian Nation. It's a children's book.

One story I remember growing up was how Atilla was buried. After he died, the people were worried that enemies would get to his body and desecrate it. So what they did was place him in 3 coffins, a gold one (wealth and glory) inside a silver one (affiliation with the moon), inside an iron one (stength). His soldiers diverted a river (the Tisza), buried him there, reverted the river and killed themselves so that no one would ever find the burial plot. In fact, to this day, his burial plot is a mystery.'s_grave

Atilla (the Hun) is a hero to many Hungarians. It is through his lineage that all of the true rulers of Hungary decend. In fact, I have heard through my mother who is friends with a Hungarian Shaman (Taltos) that leaders of the Hun had to follow a special ritual/ceremony at particular place in Hungary in order to become Ruler. This ceremony was where the Goddess would bestow blessings and approval for the new Ruler as the Crown was placed upon his head. This is still the current Crown of Hungary. It is said that any ruler who forgoes this ceremony goes mad or dies.

The Tribes were united under the rule of Arpad and then later by Arpad's decendant Attilla. They are also called the Turul Dynasty and the Kindred of the Holy Kings.

Legend has it that Arpad's father was Almos. Almos (meaning: Dream or Dreamt One) was named so because his mother was the legendary Priestess, Emese. Emese was the first Priestess and she was given this title (and her son) by the Turul. Emese had prayed to god for a son and god answered her by sending her the Tural hawk. In her dream the Turul showed her a great river flowing from her, travelling far and wide, sometimes smaller and sometimes a torrential rush of raging water. The river took her far away and ended at the base of a golden  tree. Her dream showed her that through her blood would be born Kings who would rule a far away land that would be their home. She awoke pregnant with her son and so he is also referred to as the Son of Heaven. It is also interesting to note that Emese is considered a SUMERIAN Priestess. Her husband Ogyek was a Chief of Scythia.

It is interesting to note the similarities between this and certain other religious creation stories... as well as the fact that this story can trace it's beginnings to the wide acceptance of Christianity at this same time period. (roughly 860-870)

This story reaffirms the Hun-Magyar kinship, and the knowledge that the Magyars reconquered Hungary as their rightful inheritance from Atilla's great Hun Empire.
The great mythical Turul bird of prey is one of the most important symbols of the Hungarians. It represents their god's power and will. The Turul was seen as the ancestor of Atilla, and it was also the symbol of the Huns. The Hungarian Turul is often represented carrying the flaming Sword of God.

Which leads me into my next story. Attilla is said to have possession  of the Sword of God; Mars or Aries depending on who tells the story, but it was more than likely Hadur, the Hun War God. I have also read that the War God could have been Tiew/Tyr, son of Woden/Odin. (I need more research on this as you see, but these deities have much in common (Hadur and Tiew).

The people of the plains remained rough and at one with nature. They were the greatest warriors the world had ever known. Bravery was instilled in them from childhood onward; bravery was implanted into the depths of their soul. They lived by the sword and they died by the sword. It is no wonder that to them the sword (saber) was a sacred object, which they revered. They were empowered by it.
The Sword of God had a magic power; it was either inherited or specially made for great rulers such as Attila or Álmos. According to some sources, the Scythians used iron from a meteor to make the Sword of God - most special, indeed. After the blacksmith fashioned the sword, it was placed on the top of a mound - standing it up like a lightning rod, waiting for the lightning to strike it. If this happened, it was believed to be the will of God, and this gave the sword a magical power. This power from the sword was transferred to its owner and was given to him by God -  he ruled by the will of God. (

And one more story that cannot be left out. I will summarize the White Stag by Kate Seredy.
But for you online readers, here is a short synopsis.

Ritual to Honor the Mother-Goddess: Inanna, Freyr, Boldogaszony (Great Queen of Heaven) and Hajnal Anyacska (Dawn Mother).

Partially written by me, and partially taken from other sources listed in References below.

Autumn Moon Ritual
·         Candles for each of the four quarters
·         A cup of wine or cider
·         Symbols of the harvest to decorate the altar
Assign a member of the group to call each quarter. Each person should stand at their assigned quarter holding their unlit candle (and a lighter or matches), and facing the altar.
We gather around to honor the changing of the seasons. Summer is coming to a close and autumn fast approaches. Err long it will be the dark of the year. We come together to celebrate the harvest season, the time to give thanks for what we have and look to the future to see what the wheel will bring us next. Gather round and form a circle.

"Oh Goddess, Source of Gods and Mortals,
All-Fertile, All-Destroying Gaia,
Mother of All, Who brings forth the bounteous fruits and flowers,
All variety, Maiden who anchors the eternal world in our own,
Immortal, Blessed, crowned with every grace,
Deep bosomed Earth, sweet plains and fields fragrant grasses in the nurturing rains,
Around you fly the beauteous stars, eternal and divine,
Come, Blessed Goddess, and hear the prayers of Your children,
And make the increase of the fruits and grains your constant care,
With the fertile seasons Your handmaidens,
Draw near, and bless your supplicants."
-Orphic Hymn to Gaia, Translated by Virginia Stewart.

NORTH: Light the candle, hold it to the sky, and say:
We call upon the powers of Earth,
and welcome you to this circle.
May the fertile soil of the land bring us
prosperity, abundance, and the bounty of the land,
in this time of harvest.
Place the candle on the altar.

EAST: Light the candle, hold it to the sky, and say:
We call upon the powers of Air,
and welcome you to this circle.
May the winds of change bring us wisdom and knowledge
in this season of abundance and bounty.
Place the candle on the altar.

SOUTH: Light the candle, hold it to the sky, and say:
We call upon the powers of Fire,
and welcome you to this circle.
May the shining light of this season's moon
illuminate our way through the coming winter.
Place the candle on the altar.

WEST: Light the candle, hold it to the sky, and say:
We call upon the powers of Water,
and welcome you to this circle.
May the cool autumn rains wash away
the last comforts of summer,
and prepare us for the chill that is to come.
Place the candle on the altar.
HP: When everyone has something to drink, we are going to go around the circle, take a sip and share one thing you are looking forward to in the coming month. Do you hope to manifest financial independence? Develop your intuitive powers? Or are you perhaps hoping to grow your relationships? Now is the time to state your intent.

EVERYONE: All say:
We gather tonight by the light of the moon,
to celebrate the season, and rejoice.
May the next turn of the Wheel bring us love
and compassion, abundance and prosperity,
fertility and life.
As the moon above, so the earth below.

WEST: Blow out the candle, and say:
Powers of Water, we thank you for your presence in our circle this night.
Hail and Farewell.

SOUTH: Blow out the candle, and say:
Powers of Fire, we thank you for your presence in our circle this night.
Hail and Farewell.

EAST: Blow out the candle, and say:
Powers of Air, we thank you for your presence in our circle this night.
Hail and Farewell.

NORTH: Blow out the candle, and say:
Powers of Earth, we thank you for your presence in our circle this night.
Hail and Farewell.

HP Thank you Mother for your presence in our circle tonight.
Hail and Farewell.
This ritual has ended. So mote it be. Blessed Be.



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